Board Portal Review – What to Look For in a Board Portal

Board portal review is a process of researching software solutions to make sure they fit the specific requirements your organization needs. When selecting the best board meeting management solution, it is important to use a smart checklist and compare vendor pricing along with solution offerings.

A key feature to look for in a board portal is anytime, anywhere access. Directors and administrators will be able to log on using devices that they are already familiar with and own, such as smartphones and tablets. This means a more engaging and better managed meeting.

Another important factor to consider is how quickly the board portal software can get documents ready for distribution during a meeting. Gen 3 portals provide real-time tools which reduce staff time spent on board book preparation and increase the productivity of meetings. This includes enabling directors to instantly approve material from their mobile device or tablet, and automatically creating and linking minutes after the meeting is over.

A board portal of high quality should also provide a safe environment for the distribution confidential materials. This is done by using strong passwords, and a cloud system that allows unlimited data storage. It should also have features that allow for the quick and easy creation of board packages, as well as online collaboration support for reviewing and editing material. This eliminates the need to use large binders, courier services and saves time in administrative tasks.

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